jiuhao Folklore Museum

Jiuhao Folklore Museum, growing out of Jiuhao Studio, has been doing handicraft fieldwork nationwide since 2014. We focused on traditional craft and explored the possibility of converting them to applicable products into the modern life. From 2016, Jiuhao Studio has turned its attention to folklore and commodity research, and officially became Jiuhao Folklore Museum. The ‘Folklore’ represents social groups’ life knowledge handed down from ancient time. Combined with textual research and material collection, we observe and record the ways of people’s living, producing and thinking.


Jiuhao Design Store is a daily necessities store run by Jiuhao Folklore Museum, All the commodities in our shop convey a same concept, that is ‘Multi-craftsmanship’. Compared with nostalgia and trend, we have a passion for a brand-new productmanship. Both handicrafts and goods from mechanized production that we select elaborately can be found in our store. Every item in Jiuhao Design Store is daily, durable, timeless.


  • Yunting Zhang
  • Yi Xu
  • Zihao Zhou
  • Qiang Liu
  • Yangnan Yu
  • Zhiyuan Yang


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